Find some practical information extracted from the Traffic Laws explaining permitted driving conditions.

Good reflexes to ride on group

Riding two abreast is permitted, but moving in single file is required :

  • At dusk or poor visibility
  • When a vehicle wanting exceed announces its approach.
  • In case of failure, place themselves on the side of the road and not on the road.
  • The ” Stop ”, the yellow light, fixed or flashing red light, mark an absolute stop to the whole group.
  • Communicate within the group and apply verbal and body language to signal an obstacle or a vehicle. Just a simple gesture, a word for a fall or accident is avoided.
  • Form groups of cyclists under 20 to allow a vehicle to double and fall back safe.

The prefectural declaration is mandatory in the case of an open hike to all that exceeds 20 cyclists (vehicles) on public roads (the bicycle is a vehicle). Decree No 2012-312 of 5/03/2012 (publication in the OJ of 07/03/2012).

A platoon is not equal to a single vehicle.

Cases often met a biker group arriving on a roundabout considers that the pack is only a single vehicle. WRONG !

When two vehicles after the driver of the second is to maintain a safe distance, corresponding to the distance traveled by the vehicle for a period of at least two seconds (R412-12, 4th class)

Cyclists who ride in groups to each other from the wind are in violation … and when a group arrives at a roundabout, if the first group could engage but meantime a car arrives …. the following cyclists must stop. They are in no case a priority and should not force the car to stop.

Traffic in both front

Cyclists can ride two abreast on the carriageway. They must be in single file after the fall of the day and in all cases where traffic conditions require, especially when a vehicle wanting exceed Announces Approach (R431-7, 2nd class).
If the vehicle is not willing double announcement of a hoot for example, cyclists can continue “legally” to ride two abreast. But good citizenship (respect for others) still impose that cyclists who heard a car coming fall back if the road is not very wide.

Cycle paths

Since 1 January 1999, cyclists have no obligation to use the trails and bike lanes where they exist, unless that obligation is established by the authority vested with police power, the mayor general (R431 -9); in fact many cycling existing prior to 1999 have kept signaling “mandatory” (round panel).
But if the track is clean and safe, I encourage you to still borrow.

Bonds motorists to cyclists

The driver must reduce speed when passing or overtaking cyclists isolated or in groups (R413-17, 4th class).
PTo make an overtaking driver should not approach a cyclist laterally within one meter in urban areas and one and a half extra-urban (R414-4, 4th class).
It is prohibited for any occupant of a vehicle stopped or parked to open a door when this maneuver is a danger to other road users (R417-7, 1st class).

Cyclists and pedestrians

Since 12 November 2010, any driver must give way, if necessary stopping at pedestrian engaging regularly crossing a roadway or clearly showing the intention to do so or circulating in a pedestrian area or meeting area (R415-11, 4th class). Note that this article applies both in town and on rural roads. The small footprint bike usually will avoid penalizing stop, but pedestrians so now benefit from a real priority on the roadway, including vis-à-vis the bikes.

Handlebar Phone

Using a hand-held phone by the driver of a moving vehicle is prohibited.
The fact, for any driver, to contravene the provisions of this section is punishable by a fine for offenses of the fourth class.

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